Magento 2 Affiliate Extension PRO

The best Magento 2 affiliate extension for your store. Build affiliate program made easy

Magento 2 Affiliate extension is the simple and powerful solution to help you build an effective representative sales force. You can create multiple campaigns with unlimited tiers which applies paying commissions system for many activities of Affiliates, including:

agento 2 Affiliate Extension PRO

Affiliate Pay Per Sale

You just have to pay for your affiliate anything until they make a profit for you. Especially, you can build a dynamic and diversified team of sales when using Magento 2 Affiliate extension. You have the ability to pay for your affiliate by fixed percent rate, tier percent rate, fixed amount or tier amount.

Affiliate Pay Per Lead

Helping you create a program allowing affiliates to receive the commissions for the actual number of leads he generates. “Lead” may be new accounts sign up in your site or newsletter subscribing.

Affiliate Pay Per Click

This is the popular solution in the Affiliate. With this plugin, affiliates earn cash based on a number of click on your banners’ and refer to your website. Fraud detection also included. Affiliates can view real statistic in their accounts.

Affiliate Pay Per Mile

Each thousand impressions of banner/link affiliates will receive the amount of money that you setup in the campaign. Affiliates can monitor how much they earned in the frontend.

Store owners take responsibility for providing Affiliates smart banners and links to refer friends via multiple popular social channels. Particularly to the banners, Affiliates can place on their websites, blogs or any social network. Then, all of clicks and impressions will be identified for paying commissions for Affiliates. With earned commissions, allow Affiliates either use as store credit to buy products on your store or create request withdrawal from their balance to get cash. Payment methods as PayPal, Bank transfer even offline payment are supported pay money.

Magento 2 Affiliate Extension is not only the great tool for boosting sales but also the smart choice to own the loyalty program with “Milestone” feature. Milestone contains lifetime events as a number of commissions, referrals, sales and more. If reaching any event, Affiliate will be changed automatically to a higher rank. For example, from Gold to Platinum, Platinum to Diamond. Moreover, the higher group, the more rewards, so this is the interesting rewarding way to your Affiliate network.

In the back-end’s extension, managing the network is easier than ever when you can follow all of Affiliates information, which are customer email, group, balance, total commission, total paid. If there is any change of an Affiliate account, the system will update instantly, simultaneously, adding new Affiliate account is implemented there and after that, the new one will be displayed on the Account Manager table.

Finally, the whole data related to your Affiliate program is shown by an advanced report in order that you have an overall analysis and evaluation about the affiliate program’s performance in order to take a solution to improve it.


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