Gift Card Extension

Magento 2 Gift Card extension is created by the expectation of all shoppers as well as Magento store owners

With a surge in the number of people using internet nowadays, the change of shopping and the giving-gift way is easy to understand. People only need to wander online shop to select the favourite products regardless of distance and time, instead of going to a physical store. Therefore, Magento 2 Gift Card extension is created by the expectation of all shoppers as well as Magento store owners.

The most fantastic reward is 300 FREE Gift Gard templates with multiple topics such as Christmas, Birthday, Valentine, Mother’s Day, etc. All of them are ready for your customers to use. Correspondingly to one gift card, allows creating unlimited gift card codes with different values. The values may be designed by 3 types of price:

  • Fixed price (store admin can create as many gift cards with a fixed price as he needs)
  • Price range (buyer can choose gift card amount within the price range defined by store admin)
  • Dropdown with predefined prices in order that customers choose their desired number.

The given value is equal, lower or higher than the card’s real one, that depends on your strategy. Let consider smartly to gain more revenue! Don’t forget to set Gift Card’s usage conditions as a tool to motivate customers in shopping. For example, to refer customers purchase more and more, you can say “This Gift Card is free for order which is greater than $300”


Magento 2 Gift Voucher is not only the great marketing tool to sellers but also the fantastic presents to express customer’s precious emotion to the loved. Apart from 300 FREE templates, it is flexible to upload the personal image by dragging & dropping technology. However, the gift card will be a huge mistake if the message box is empty. This is the good chance to leave the best wishes to recipients and make it more meaningful. The final thing is previewing and sending via email or post office with the most satisfaction in the exact delivery time, which is set by the sender.

Gift Card Payment Method

The eye-catching card for friends is excellent payment method. To pay online order, gift card code need to be active before using. Especially, the system allows multiple people to use one gift code as configured. In case that order is cancelled, the buyer request to refund and get money back. At the same time setting up the products, store admin decides on the refund priority and whether the gift card or other values get refunded first if customers apply many gift card code in an order. If not, the gift card can be printed out as offline voucher and use manually. This is the most wonderful benefits the recipients get.


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