Reward Points

Each customer’s interaction on your website is highly appreciated by reward points system.

Brain and Co. said that “A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%”. So what should all Magento stores do to get 5% and keep 75%? Magento 2 Reward Points extension allows using unique loyalty program with multiple rewards for customers’ certain actions. Its aim is increasing conversion rate into loyal customers from visitors.

Reward for Customer's purchases

Each customer’s interaction on your website is highly appreciated by reward points system.

Reward for Signing up

The first reward any audience gets is determined points when he registers a new account on your website. Although the points maybe not much, it is seemed to be the great motivation to create faithfulness and next repeat purchases.

Reward for Purchasing

For every successful order, the reward system will send an amount of points which depends on earning rules you set in the back-end. The rules are based on subtotal, qty items in the cart, billing, shipping address, categories, SKU ... then applying to different customer groups, stores.

Reward for Subscribing

The newsletter is the smart method, that allows clients to update new interesting information of your store and takes them back. So why don’t hesitate to set a giving-points rule when they agree to subscribe? This method increased some Store-owners email list up to ten times.

Reward for Referring

Expanding size of customers from a number of existing ones is a great idea helping promote your store and your brand name to the world around them. Store-owners will reward points to those who attempt at referring friends via shareable links, quick social networks buttons and built-in invitation email system.

Other behaviors

Facebook like or share, voting in a Poll, tagging a product, posting a new product review (approved by Admin ), customer’s birthdays, sharing purchases, sharing your web store with friends via social networks, sharing a referral link on a forum, blog, messenger.

On the other hands, Magento 2 Reward Points extension included Milestone plugin with lifetime events such as milestone of order, referrals,…. Customers will be rewarded as well as changed loyalty group if reaching these events. After that, new loyalty and Magento promotional rules can apply to them.

Magento 2 Reward Points features

Whole earned Reward Points for Magento 2 can be used as payment methods for buying exact items on your site. In case the order is cancelled, allow customers to get points back without delay.

Thanks to Magento 2 Loyalty program, you can increase loyal customers and keep them stay with you longer. For more effectiveness, the extension added Advanced Report plugin that shows report earning points and spending points in details. The data about Spending/Earning Ratio, Earnings Distribution, A loyal customer cost and Total Points that will be displayed on chart or table.


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